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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

4Days 3Nights Shopping Itinerary in HK

Wonder what to do in Hong Kong?
Here's a 4Days 3Nights itinerary specially for Ladies.

Hong Kong is famous for shopping and for ladies, this is their paradise!

Find out the itinerary by clicking on the "comments" below.

Have a great trip.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Six "Must Go" places in Mong Kok - HK

1. Fu Yuen Street Market
This is ladies' Paradise. The Cheapest priced trendy apprael you can find in Hong Kong. Most shops don't allow bargain. Some of the stuff you find here is also available at the Argyle Centre but Cheaper. MUST GO!

2. Goldfish Market
Like what the street name says. If you like fish, do miss this. They sell all kind of fish. There are a few pet shops located here as well.

3. Argyle Centre
Another ladies' Paradise. You will find hundreds of shops selling all kind apprael and accessories here - Jeans, tops, dress, accessories, bags , shoes, etc .....
There is a few shops for guys selling nice Jean , Premuda & T-shirts.

4. Hui Lau Shan

They have many outlets and one of them is in Mong Kok - Shantung Street. Their most famous dessert is their humungous sago pudding : a super delicacy combination of sago with fresh fruits. My favourite is the mango freeze : mango ice-blend with fresh mango and pudding HK$20 ....
yummy!! Must try !!

Address: G/F,Shop, 40Q Shantung Street
Mong Kok ( Mong Kok MTR Exit E2)

G/F, 54 Russell Street, Causeway Bay
(Causeway Bay MTR Exit A)

5. Ladies Street
bargaining is a must. Most of the thing are over-priced. For foreigner/tourists , be careful. If you looking for some small gifts like lighters, imitation branded Goods like LV, Gucci, etc.... you will definately find something here.

6. Trendy Zone 潮流特区
You will find lots of collectable here like Toys, Figurings, Hello Kitty, KiKi & LaLa etc. here.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

What others say.....

Hi All,

If you all want to share any experience or you also have any tips and suggestions you want to tell the rest. Feel free to post it up.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

1-Day Plan at HK Disneyland

This is just guide, change it along the way to suit your mood and different situation like long queue or show starting in 5 mins.

But the first thing you should do is to go to the "Cityhall" to pick up a map and the show-timing of the day. Make adjustment of this plan if the show timing is different from mine.

For the last trip, I only stick to abt 65% of the plan, most of the shows, i manage to watch twice due the the little crowd that day (the longest i queue was 15mins.. lucky.... :)


- Play the "Space Mountain" 5mins

- Get the fastpass if you want to play again

-Play " Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster" 10mins

10:30am- Play "AutoPia" 15mins

- Play "Orbitron"10mins

11:00am- Return for "Space Mountain" Ride 5mins

11:30am- Lunch @ StarLiner Diner


- Walk opposite to Advertureland

- Rafts to Tarzan's Treehouse

12:45pm-Treehouse ( Take Photo)

-Play "Jungle River Cruise"15mins

1:30pm- F&E ( Phototaking in the "Fantasy Gardens")

2:00pm- Watch "Festive of Lion King" 30minsOther Show timing - 2:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:00pm


- Walk to Fantasyland

- Get FASTPASS for " Winne the Pooh"

- Visit the Palace & Phototaking

3:30pm- Watch "Disney Parade" 30minsONLY SHOW

4:10pm- Play "Winnie the pooh" with fastpass

4:30pm- Watch "Mickey's Phiharmagic"10minsMUST WATCH !!!

5:15pm- Watch "The Golden Mickeys" 25minsOther Show timing - 4:15pm, 5:15pm, 6:30pm



9:00pmDisney Fireworks @ Main Street 30minsMUST WATCH !!!

Top 10 Tips to do and not to do


Book your ticket online. It will save you lots of time from the long queue.

Do try to arrive right at the opening, and go deep into the park immediately to take a couple of the rides you're really looking forward to like the "Space Mountain."


Don't waste time taking photos with the characters that greet you at the gate as the park opens unless getting such photos is one of your top priorities. You can take the e photo later on at the 'Fantasy Gardens'.

Make use of the "FASTPASS" system. It will save you lots of time

Do bring sunscreen, an umbrella and wear hats if it's sunny.

Do buy orange juice. There are plastic bottles of fresh orange juice on sale all over the place for HKD15. It is the best drink you can find in the park. MUST TRY!!! Grab it early because it usually it sold out at the later part of the day.

Don't Miss the Disney Parade.

Don't go crazy trying to get a good spot to see the fireworks. As long as you are in the main street near the center round about, you can get a great view of the fireworks . No need to waste time reserving a good spot. ( Can spend the time more wisely like shopping !!)

Don't waste too much time shopping at the early part of the day. You have plenty of time during the evening period when waiting for the fireworks.

Do make a simple plan of the day to avoid missing any of the shows and rides.


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